Tower Bridge – London

I was planning to go and take some photos of Tower Bridge on my recent trip to London. I wanted to take them from outside the river side of the Tower of London. But when we got there, the security guys were just closing the doors, and it turns out, there is no other way to the waterfront after closing time. Not happy.

But it turns out you can get down by the bridge in front of the Tower of London Hotel…

There were two guys who were down there taking photos too, and an Italian gentleman asked for some photography advice. First time for everything…

There was also a cool sculpture down in front of the hotel. Its called ‘Dolphin and Girl’ and is by David Wynne. It was quite difficult to photo due to the lighting (or lack of it) on the actual sculpture, so I tried a few different angles.

After playing in front of the Hotel, we walked across the bridge. I was intending on getting some light trails from the traffic over the bridge. But there was a massive queue on the bridge and i didn’t have my ND filters with me so we forgot that and went to the other waterfront. In front of city hall is a nice place to get pictures of the bridge with some nice foreground elements.


All of these pictures were post processed with ON1 Photo RAW 2017. This program is quickly becoming my go-to Post processing software as it allows me to do everything i used to do with three programs (Capture One, ON1 Photo 10/NIK, Photoshop). It allows me to get my sharp contrasty style with ease.

Technical Stuff:
Camera: Sony A6000
Lens: Sony 10-18mm
Aperture: f/8
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 2-20Secs
Support/Tripod: Benro MACH3 TMA 37AL

Post Processing: ON1 Photo Raw 2017


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